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  • Joe Boyd

It's All About Respect

While still very new the silversmithing trade, I have been taking note of interesting things such as what people's tastes are, what designs get the most attention etc.

What I have found to be important to most is the way they are attracted to the uniqueness of design. But, I have probably done more work for people who want something they already own transformed than anything else, They are usually interested in re-imagining a piece that has been inherited to honor the person it once belonged to. It has been my privilege to work on several of these pieces recently and although there is always a great amount of tension involved with being responsible for an irreplaceable object, the reward of seeing their reaction to the finished piece has far outweighed the risk.

Evie gave me complete creative freedom to do whatever I chose on several pieces. She had inherited jewelry through the years and wanted to pass some down to her adult children who would be likely to wear a bit more modern design. These pictures represent a few examples of that work.

Thanks Evie for your trust in me!

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