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All items on this page were custom requests.  These items are not for sale.

hand made silver flower pendant_edited.jpg

This bracelet was once a watch.  The top had to match and flow with the design of the inlay and silver work that already existed. See testimonial.

IMG-3082 (1).JPG
IMG-3084 (1).JPG

Custom 25th Anniversary Wedding Bands

Butterschotch amber pin to pendant custom design

Ring to Pendant
Ring to pendant
Heirloom ring to Pendant (refer to testimonial).
Pin to Pendant
Pin to pendant
Two heirloom pins made into pendants to hand down to the next generation.
Cripple Creek turquoise pendant
Cripple Creek turquoise ladies ring
Cripple Creek Turquoise Ladies Ring
Cripple Creek Turquoise Pendant
Belt Buckle to Pendant

Belt Buckle to a pendant

Fossil pendant
Amethyst, Moonstone and Sterling Silver Pendant
Silver hook pendant added to Jade fish
amethyst pendant
Amethyst Pendant
Orange spiney oyster earrings
Sterling SIlver cross
Sterling SIlver Cross
Shark tooth pendant
Sterling Silver and Turquoise Turtle Ring
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